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About the designer...

                   Dr. Forgó Erika

I was born in a family of pedagogues in  Szeged in 1959. I attended at the chemical faculty in the highschool, and at the same time I learned drewing and painting in courses of the Painting School of Hódmezővásárhely.
In 1983 I took my degree of Doctor of Laws. I had spent 7 years as a judge, but the birth of my daugher in 1990 inspired my to create a dress collection for girls.

In 1991 we – together with my husband who is a lawyer, too – founded our company named LILIFO. Our first pieces were eye-chatching hats designed for ’yobbo’ ladies. These hats were then endlessly followed by garments. The garments I used to dream about on the porch of my grandmother’s house at my age of 5. The dream-dresses I find out and realize even today and I think I will never be able to stop myself…



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